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About Us

History Of Hookahnuts NY

Hookahnuts owners, Ziad and Doha Khaled began working in the sweets industry back in 1975 when both their families migrated from Lebanon to Brooklyn. With homemade Lebanese recipes passed down through the generations, they opened a wholesale bakery. Siblings, cousins, aunts & uncles toiled day in, day out in order to produce the best baklava & sweet milk chocolates as per family traditions. Soon their efforts skyrocketed their bakery to great success as their pastries and chocolates quickly spread throughout Brooklyn  and soon after the Tri-State area.
The wholesale business has progressed to a storefront in prime Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY named Hookahnuts. We specialize in moderately priced High-End Hookah pipes as well as Hookah Accessories, Imported Gifts, Belgian Chocolates and a wide variety of imported food items including Nuts and Dried Fruit.

Ziad's vast knowledge of Hookahs has brought even greater success with more than 75 Hookah pipe designs to choose from. Nuts are roasted in the back, filling the store with the sensational smell of cashews & almonds.

The store has flourished into a Middle-Eastern gift shop where gift baskets and decorated chocolates are among the stores top sellers. Gift baskets are made to order for any given occasion. Belgian chocolate is flown from overseas to be hand-decorated by owner Doha, for special events such as engagements, weddings, baby showers and just about any event. 

In 2011, a wide variety of Middle-Eastern grocery products were added to Hookahnuts. Selling over 15 brand name food lines, the store is the place to pick up simply everything & anything, especially Hookahs and Nuts. And a little bit of our culture!


History Of Hookah

One of the oldest and deep rooted traditions (Over 500 Years Old) in Eastern Cultures is the Hookah, with both men and women finding great pleasure in smoking the Nargile. This started a whole new culture that has endured for centuries. Even today Hookah gives enjoyment to a special growing breed of smokers who have discovered this Ancient Art of Hookah.

The Hookah became a very important part of the coffee shop culture, finding its popularity in Turkey around the time of Murat the IV'th, 1623-40.The joy that the smokers received from this very simple yet beautiful smoking apparatus was unbelievable. Rules were created even for lighting the pipe, and if a professional smoker saw anyone lighting it the incorrect way, the culprit would be told in no uncertain term " Do yourself and the sacred Hookah a favor and put out the coals.

"The Ancient Hookah, called Nargile itself consists of 4 pieces: the Agizlik (mouthpiece), the Lüle (top of the nargile), the Marpuç (tube) and the Gövde (body of the pipe which is filled with water). All pieces produced by special craftsmen, who were named after the piece they produced. Even today, the areas where these craftsmen used to concentrate are called by these names, such as "Marpuççular."Lüles were generally produced in Tophane by Lule makers and the Govde's (bottles) were manufactured in Beykoz. These Govde's were a unique example of Turkish handcraft and were decorated with floral motifs and some crafted in silver or crystal. The Agizlik's (mouthpieces) were generally carved out of the top of quality amber, believing that amber was not the carrier of germs.